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Tiefling Empire

Diplomats and artisans, the tieflings are much more at home in the world of intrigue and getting what they want indirectly. Worshipping Corellon, they have a strange fondness for stone statues. They also have a stigma of once being associated with the Wretched King.

Halfling Empire

Natural hunters and aggresive merchants, halflings will sell you anything and be merciless in the dealing. They worship Avandra and are a fairly amiable folk, especially if you have coin in your purse.

Dwarven Empire

Insular and industrious, they’d rather build something than deal with outsiders. They worship Moradin and are a tacturn people. Also hold a grudge against most dragonborn.

Orc Empire

Mercenaries and opportunists, orcs won’t do something for nothing. They often position themselves to have an advantage over others. They also have a stranglehold on the most valuable trade routes.

Human Empire

Studious and quiet, humans try to study as much as they can from nature. They are a druidic society that doesn’t believe in small talk. Often are teachers or advisors in other societies.

Dragonborn Empire

Aggresive and competitive, dragonborn thend to have strong opinions and are ready to fight over them. Worshipping both Bahamut and Tiamat, they have developed a strong “Us versus Them” mentality. Happen to make the best wine and ale in the world.

Main Page

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